Theory seminar: Electronic and optical properties of graphene (S13)

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Theory seminar: Electronic and optical properties of graphene (2 Std., 4 Cr.)



  • Advanced quantum mechanics
  • Solid-state physics

Meeting times

First meeting: Wednesday April 17, 11:45 in P812
All other meetings: Thursday at 11:45 in G227


We will follow the book by Katsnelson (Graphene: Carbon in two dimensions, Cambridge University Press, 2012), proceeding more or less chapter by chapter. The list of dates, topics and presenters is as follows.

Week Date Topic Presenter Material
1 Apr. 17 Organizational meeting
2 Apr. 25 The electronic structure of monolayer graphene Andor Kormányos slides
3 May 2 The electronic structure of multilayer graphene Marko Rančić slides
4 May 9 (holiday)
5 May 16 Quantum transport via evanescent waves Milan Holzäpfel slides
6 May 23 Electron states in a magnetic field Robert Siebler slides
7 May 30 (holiday)
8 June 6 (break)
9 June 13 Edges, nanoribbons and quantum dots Dirk Wiedmann slides
10 June 20 The Klein paradox and chiral tunnelling Werner Schosser slides
11 June 27 Point defects Fabian Paschke slides
12 July 4 Optics and response functions Matthias Droth slides
13 July 11 Crystal lattice dynamics and Raman spectrum Heng Wang slides
14 July 18 The relativistic Coulomb problem Julien Rioux slides


  • Give a 45-minute presentation on your selected topic
  • Write a 5-page report due one week following your presentation
  • Attend the presentations from the other participants


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