Superconducting quantum hardware for quantum computing (S20)

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This theory seminar will be offered online during the university shut-down
To participate in the course please note:
1) The seminars take place at the planned dates and times, on the video meeting service Zoom (expected) which you can use with your web browser or the Zoom app
2) If possible please install the Zoom app: (you do not need a subscription with zoom to participate)

First seminar: Thursday, April 23 at 14:00
[Update] Seminars take place each Friday at 14:00

Superconducting quantum hardware for quantum computing (S20) (Theory Seminar)

Dr. Amin Hosseinkhani
Florian Ginzel

Superconducting qubits are among the most promising candidates for quantum information processing; long coherence-time, high fidelity and short gate-operation-time of these types of qubits have convinced pioneer technology companies such as IBM, Intel and Google to invest on the physical realization of quantum computation using superconductor qubits. In this seminar course, we will briefly review some of the key aspects of superconductivity and then study different types of superconducting qubits as well as some hybrid superconducting-semiconducting qubits and their coherence properties.


  • Introduction [Slides]
  • Lecture 1 (by A. Hosseinkhani) [Slides]: Microscopics: BSC theory, Josephson junction
  • Lecture 2 (by F. Ginzel)[Slides]: Characterizing qubit coherence times
  • Lecture 3 (by A. Hosseinkhani)[Slides]: Superconducting quasiparticle excitations: An intrinsic decoherence channel
  • Lecture 4 (by A. Hosseinkhani)[Slides]: Protecting qubits form quasiparticles: Vortices, sweet spot, pulse injection, and normal-metal traps
  • Student Seminar (June 05, 2020) [Slides]: Cooper-pair box and Quantronium
  • Student Seminar (June 12, 2020) [Slides]: Flux and Phase qubit
  • Student Seminar (June 19, 2020) [Slides]: Transmon and Fluxonium qubits
  • Student Seminar (June 26, 2020) [Slides]: Majorana fermion and the prospect of qubit application
  • Student Seminar (July 03, 2020) [Slides]: Superconducting circuit protected by two-Cooper-pair tunneling
  • Student Seminar (July 10, 2020) [Slides]: Multqubit devices; capacitive and inductive coupling
  • Student Seminar (July 17, 2020) : Coupling qubits to resonators


  • A. Zagoskin, Quantum Engineering (Cambridge University Press)
  • Selection of original publications