Quantum Optics (W18/19)

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Quantum Optics

Dr. Andrey Moskalenko

The lecture will address the main concepts and some recent advances in quantum optics from the theory point of view. In particular, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction (harmonic oscillator, quantization, field quantization, zero point motion, spontaneous emission, Casimir effect)
  • Quantum states of light (coherent, Fock, squeezed, cat, thermal, phase states etc.)
  • Coherence properties of the electromagnetic field (classical and quantum)
  • Description: frequency domain (photon-counting statistics, field quadratures, Wigner function, Glauber-Sudarshan function, Husimi function)
  • Detection (Photon counting and its statistics, correlation techniques, homodyning, quantum tomography, quantum non-demolition measurements, electro-optic sampling)
  • Effects and applications (Hong-Ou-Mandel effect, quantum lithography, LIGO interferometry, spontaneous parametric down conversion)

    Required: IK I - IK III, Quantum Mechanics (IK IV)
    Recommended: Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics

    1) D. F. Walls and G. J. Milburn, ''Quantum Optics'', Springer, 2008 or 1994.
    2) W. Vogel and D.-G. Welsch, "Quantum Optics", Wiley, 2006.
    3) U. Leonhardt, "Essential Quantum Optics. From Quantum Measurements to Black Holes", Cambridge University Press, 2010.


    • Vorlesung:
      Mo 8:15-9:45 Uhr, P603
      Fr 8:15-9:45 Uhr, P603
    • Beginn der Vorlesung: 22.10.2018
    • Übungen
    • Mo 17:00-18:30 Uhr, P812 - Thiago Lucena

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  • Ende der Lehrveranstaltungen: 9.02.2019
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