Workshop Organization

The "Dynamics in Viscous Liquids" series of international workshops does not have any "invited speakers" in the traditional sense. All presentations for the workshop will be selected by an International Programme Committee on the basis of submitted abstracts.

We particularly aim to give young researchers the possibility to present their work in oral contributions. We also consider poster sessions as central to the workshop: posters will be displayed prominently, and ample time for their discussion will be available.


Submitted abstracts must be one-page (DIN A4 size) summaries of recent work to be presented at the workshop. The format cloesly follows the Physical Review style. We encourage the inclusion of one or two key figures and references. The abstract should be written as a "mini-paper" that will be refereed by the Programme Committee: the members of the committee will get all abstracts previous to the conference, and they will select talks and posters in a joint meeting, based on these abstracts.

A booklet with all abstracts is distributed to all workshop participants at the beginning of the meeting.

To help us organizing the submissions, participants are requested to send their abstracts only using the template available here:

Please consult this template for further instructions and guidelines. The text file and up to four figures to be included must be uploaded using the online registration form. Figures can be submitted as PostScript, PDF, PNG, or JPEG files.

If you are not fluent with LaTeX, please use the template nevertheless and simply enter the text of your abstract in plain text inside this template. We cannot accept Microsoft Word documents or other formats! Abstracts that do not conform to the template guidelines may be rejected.