Joseph Brader

                 Prof. J.M.Brader
                 Department of Physics
                 University of Fribourg
                 Chemin du Musée 3
                 CH-1700 Fribourg
                 Office: 2.70.1
                 Tel: +41 (0)26 300 89 14

                 Fribourg Soft Matter Theory Group


   Research Interests

    Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
    Interfacial Physics and Density Functional Theory
    Constitutive Equations and Suspension Rheology
    Slow dynamics and the Glass Transition


    (54) Active Brownian particles at interfaces: an effective equilibrium approach
    R. Wittmann and J.M. Brader
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    (Selected as a PRL Focus article)

    (40)Density functional approach to nonlinear rheology
    J. Reinhardt and J.M. Brader,
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    (39) First-Principles Constitutive Equation for Suspension Rheology
    J.M. Brader, M.E. Cates and M. Fuchs,
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    (38) Schematic Mode Coupling Theory of Glass Rheology: Single and Double Step Strains
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    M. Krüger and J.M. Brader
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    J.M. Brader and M. Krüger
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    (33) Nonlinear response of dense colloidal suspensions under oscillatory shear:
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    (Selected as a PRL viewpoint article)

    (26) From Equilibrium to Steady State:
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