New journal club list

Dear journal clubbers, this is the list of proposed speakers for the next cycle of journal club:
Monica Benito, Burkard group
Matthew Brooks, Burkard group
Alessandro David, Burkard group
Benjamin D’Anjou, Burkard group
Felicitas Hellbach, Belzig group
Robert Hussein, Belzig group
Matthias Kizmann, Burkard group
Raffael Klees, Belzig group
Thiago Lucena, Burkard group
Dominik Maile, Belzig group
Mattia Mantovani, Belzig group
Andrey Moskalenko, Burkard group
Danilo Nikolic, Belzig group
Ali Rezaei, Belzig group
Maximilian Russ, Burkard group
Vlad Shkolnikov, Burkard group
Hannes Weisbrich, Belzig group
Hongxin Zhan, Belzig group


If there is any suggestions and/or complaints be free to contact me.